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OHTS - Ocular Hypertension Treatment StudyThe Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS) 
was designed to determine if using eyedrop medicines to lower eye pressure prevents or delays glaucoma in people with high eye pressure. The medicines used are commercially available FDA-approved medicines proven to be effective in the treatment of high eye pressure. 

This study is funded primarily by the National Eye Institute, Department of Health and Human Services of the federal government. Funding includes the costs of care for study participants at 22 clinics and evaluation of study information at 4 resource centers. 

Enrollment of study participants started in 1994 and ended in 1997.  1,636 individuals with increased intraocular pressure and no evidence of glaucoma were randomly assigned to receive eyedrop medication or no medication .

An independent Data and Safety Monitoring Committee appointed by the National Eye Institute monitored the safety and efficacy and approved protocol changes. 

Please visit the OHTS Risk website for information about the Glaucoma 5-Year Risk Estimator:

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